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"This website is founded to let people listen to ASMR tracks without disturbance for free. Also, to build a great healthy community to share intellectual thoughts. Enjoy :)"

- Founder: Vaishali Rastogi

ASMR Audio is not just a niche, it's a foray into wellness. Dr. Nick Davis from Manchester Metropolitan University in the UK said "In ASMR Autonomous response means what happens to yourself so it's something that you experience yourself sensory because it's purely sensory and you don't have to do anything or make a movement to make it happen. Meridian response is a euphemism for orgasm. So, ASMR has been described as the sort of brain orgasm. I think that's where the term comes from people in the ASMR. It's not a sexual phenomenon, it's in fact is associated with close personal attention".

ASMR has great physiological and mental health benefits that ease our mind & keeps us from Anxiety or Insomnia

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